what came first, the chicken or the dickhead?




I before E

except when you run a feisty heist on a weird beige foreign neighbour

#and caffeine-strung atheists reinventing protein at their leisure #plebeians may deign to forfeit #either that or seize the language and reinvent it

fuck the english language

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I live for Stephen King’s sassy recap tweets. [x]

Alex Turner about Miles Kane debut album.


what am i doing with my life


Some followers suggested this to me.

The island known as the “island of madness”, “hell” and “the most haunted place on Earth” is being sold!

Here’s a quick, history behind it:

The plagued people were shipped off to Poveglia Island, a small, secluded land mass that floats between Venice and Lido. There, people lived out the last of their wretched lives together until they died.

Since the island already reeked of death, the next time an epidemic came along, barely alive bodies were dumped there and burned in mass graves.

In the 20s, a mental hospital was built to welcome the island’s newest “guests,” or anybody that showed symptoms of any sort of sickness, physical or mental.

Basically, if you had an itch, away you went to Poveglia where you’d sink your feet into the soil (half dirt, half human ash) and be in the company of over 100K diseased ghosts.

It didn’t help when the place was converted into a hospital for the mentally ill in 1922. Rumor has it, the hospital was home to a number of crude lobotomies, performed by a doctor who’d been driven mad by the ghosts. He later flung himself off the bell tower.

The Italian government is now offering a 99-year lease to whomever’s brave enough to take it over. The italian government thinks it would make a great hotel destination!


Château Pierrefonds





Every time I see this, it makes me happy. 

Hemsworth looks like he got his ass kicked multiple times while Evans just laughed at him the entire time




Steve with glasses Appreciation post [x]


faily liar!Steve

unable to hid his HALP HALP THEY’RE ONTO US!face!Steve

Practically clinging onto the back of Nat’s hoody because she knows what she’s doing and she’ll keep him safe!Steve


Natasha. Natasha. Natasha, I need to lie. Natasha. Help. Natasha. Oh gosh Natasha I’m crashing and burning. Natasha. I can’t lie. Natasha. Help. Help, Natasha. Say a lie. Do a lie thing. Talk to this guy. OH GOSH I CAN’T DO THIS GOOD GRAVY AND GRAPES NATASHA PLEASE HELP

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